Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Imre Pilgrimage House

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The legend held that Bodajk's spring of spring water subsided every 7 years, then restarted a year later, bringing with it leaves, and the lake did not freeze in winter. To encourage the wonderful conditions, Father Wilibald set out in the late 17th century to seek the historical foundations of folk tradition. Wilibald suspected building remains under a hill east of the lake area, so he excavated. According to folklore, he found the foundations of a small chapel, a stone wall and the remains of a Christian cemetery next to the wall, so he decided to rebuild the chapel. With the help of supporters, he built a mill next to the lake for the production of posts, and then began to reconstruct the found ruins.
The chapel, restored in 1697, was donated by Archbishop Pál Széchenyi of Kalocsa, Archbishop Lipót Kollonich of Esztergom and the Bishop of Veszprém to the Capuchin Order in Mór. The lost diploma is referred to in the confirmation letter of Otto Volkra, Bishop of Veszprém, dated May 3, 1719, in which he informs that a farewell may be held in the chapel.